Press Statements


Ethiopia celebrates the 11th Nations, Nationalities and People's Day (Dec 09, 2016)
The 11th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People's Day is colorfully marked in Harari State, Harar town. Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on the occasion said the day manifests the unity and tolerance of the Nations, Nationalities and People's of Ethiopia. He also said Ethiopia is the country of diverse ethnicities, cultures, languages, and ancient civilizations, and the people of Ethiopia need to preserve these diversities. "Ethiopia is on the fast economic track, and we have to enhance this fast economic growth with the active participation of the People of Ethiopia", he added. more
Ethiopia commemorates Fidel Castro (Dec 05, 2016)
An event in commemoration of the former Cuban President Fidel Castro was held yesterday at the Ethiopia-Cuba Friendship Memorial Park in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Government representatives, Ethiopians educated in Cuba, diplomats, fans and supporters of Castro attended the commemoration. Ambassador Taye, Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Ethio-Cuba friendship is a blood tied and an eternal relation. "Ethiopia will never forget Castor as he was together with us at a difficult time," he added. Ethiopians who educated in Cuba as a result of the bilateral relations existed between the two countries have been contributing a lot for Ethiopia’s growth, he added. more
Ethiopia's Almaz Ayana wins IAAF World Athlete of the Year award (Dec 03, 2016)
Ethiopia's Almaz Ayana has been named the female World Athletes of the Year at the IAAF Athletics Awards 2016, held at Sporting Monte Carlo on Dec 02, 2016. Almaz had a record-breaking year. After recording the fastest 10,000m debut in history in June, the Ethiopian went on to win the Olympic title at the distance in a world record of 29:17.45. She added to her Olympic medal haul in Rio by taking bronze in the 5000m, her only loss of the year. Having recorded three of the eight fastest times at 5000m, she ended the year as the Diamond Race winner for that discipline. She becomes the third Ethiopian woman to win this award, following Genzebe Dibaba in 2015 and Meseret Defar in 2007. more
Geda System inscribed in UNESCO as Intangible World Heritage (Nov 30, 2016)
United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has inscribed Geda System as Intangible World Heritage in its 11th intangible world heritage meeting being held in Addis Ababa. more
Ethiopians urged to maintain role of nation building (Nov 30, 2016)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has urged the nations, nationalities and peoples of the country to further strengthen their contribution, anchored on their free spirit and respect, to the peace and development of the country. The Prime Minister's message came in connection with this year's 11th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples day festival to be observed in the regional state of Harari on December 8, 2016. more
Ethiopian Culture Showcased at UN Committee meeting on Intangible Cultural Heritage (Nov 28, 2016)
Ethiopia introduced on Sunday (November 27) its cultural performances showcasing the rich and unique traditions and cultural heritages ahead of the eleventh session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Addis Ababa. Over 300 artists and performers partook at the display of the country's intangible cultural heritage. more
The 11th Session of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee opens in Addis Ababa (Nov 28, 2016)
On November 27, 2016 the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr Mulatu Teshome, opened the 11th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage at an evening gala that presented examples of the wealth of Ethiopia's intangible cultural heritage as performed by a number of artists and practitioners. more
Hailemariam briefs Addis-based diplomats on current affairs (Nov 17, 2016)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has briefed Addis-based diplomatic community on the gains made after the declaration of the state of emergency, ongoing government's reform programs and other socio-economic issues. Given the appalling actions of the destructive forces on lives of people, hard-won investment projects and infrastructures, the Premier noted, the government was obliged to declare the State of Emergency. more
Ethiopia preparing Infrastructure Master Plan (Nov 17, 2016)
Ethiopia is preparing an Infrastructure Master Plan to ensure fair access to infrastructures nationwide. The Plan will be implemented over a period of 20 years. Preparation of the Master Plan will take two years, including this year, said Bekele Niguse, Director General of the Federal Integrated Infrastructures Coordination Agency. In addition to ensuring fair access to infrastructures, the Plan will help carry out a uniform infrastructures development across nation, he said. more
Walk with pilgrims on a journey to Lalibela, Ethiopia's New Jerusalem - CNN (Nov 16, 2016)
From all corners of a nation they come, often walking for hundreds of miles barefoot: Ethiopian Orthodox Christians on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Their destination is Lalibela in the north of Ethiopia. A town of approximately 20,000 people, Lalibela's population swells five-fold in the first days of January, pilgrims converging to celebrate Genna (or Ledet) -- Christmas according to the Ethiopian calendar. What they're here for is to take a path from darkness into the light; through 800 years of history and enter a "New Jerusalem" -- tangible, permanent and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But most of all, they're here for God. more
Ethiopian Embassy Organized an Event for Adopted Children (Nov 15, 2016)
Embassy of Ethiopia, in collaboration with Orphan Institute, has organized an event for Ethiopian adopted children by Americans in Washington DC. The event that took place at the Ethiopian embassy in Washington DC on 12 November 2016 has brought more than 115 Ethiopian adopted children and their adoptive families across the US. The event was organized to create connections and help the adopted children strengthen the relationship with their origin country, Ethiopia. more
PM Hailemariam congratulates Trump on his election as President of United States (Nov 09, 2016)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has expressed felicitation to Mr. Donald Trump on his election as the 45th President of the United States of America. Wishing a happy and fruitful tenure to the new president elect, Hailemariam further expressed conviction that the long standing friendship between USA and Ethiopia would grow up to a new height and the people to people relations as well as trade and multifaceted ties would also be reinvigorated during his presidency. more
Ethiopian Coffee receives the "2016 World's Best Coffee Award" (Nov 08, 2016)
Ethiopian coffee received the "2016 World's Best Coffee Award" at the first-ever Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards Ceremony held in New York on 1st November 2016. The Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards recognizes top quality coffee growers who produce the best beans in the coffee paradises across the world. more
Ethiopia lifts diplomats travel ban (Nov 08, 2016)

The Government of Ethiopia has announced today (November 08, 2016) that it has lifted the state of emergency directive which restricted diplomats to travel beyond 40 KM radius outside of Addis Ababa without notifying and getting the permission of the Command Post. According to Siraj Fegessa, Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense, the decision to lift the travel ban was ascribed to the relative peace and security currently evident in the country. more

Newly appointed FM commences duty (Nov 07, 2016)
Newly appointed Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu has arrived at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Head Quarters this morning. Upon arrival, the Minister was warmly received by high-level officials of the Ministry, including the outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tedros Adhanom and State Ministers as well as Director Generals. more
House approves Premier's new cabinet (Nov 01, 2016)
House of People's Representatives (HPR) has unanimously approved the new cabinet ministers proposed by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn today (November 1). The Premier noted that the cabinet members are appointed on the basis of their competences and commitments. The Premier scrapped the previous posts designated as cluster coordinators with a Deputy Prime Minister Portfolio and the post of advisors to the Prime Minister. more
National Flag – Day Celebrated in Washington DC (Oct 31, 2016)
Hundreds of Ethiopian Diaspora residing in Washington DC and its environs celebrated, on October 29/2016, the National – Flag Day under the theme: Our Flag is the Expression of Our Sovereignty and Emblem of Unity Founded on Our Diversity justice and equality. more
Ethiopia sprints ahead from 103rd to 66th largest economy in the world (Oct 26, 2016)
According to a report in the Financial Times, in 2020, Ethiopia is set to be the 66th world largest economy, up from 103rd in 2005, overtaking countries like Kenya, Guatemala, and Bulgaria. more
EU pledges over 22 mln Euro assistance for Ethiopia to respond to El Nino impact (Oct 26, 2016)
The European Union (EU) disclosing its new development package worth 66.5 million Euros to address the severe impact of the El Nino in the Horn of Africa pledged on October 25 over 22.5 Euro million for Ethiopia to respond to the effects caused by the El Nino phenomenon. As part of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to address the destructive impacts of the El Nino phenomenon in the Horn of Africa region, the EU announced that the development assistance will be given to four countries that are most severely hit by El Nino and that are experiencing food insecurity: Ethiopia (22.5 million Euro), Somalia (8 million Euro), South Sudan (28 million Euro) and Sudan (8 million Euro). more
The Vindication of Ethiopia's State of Emergency (Oct 21, 2016)
In the wake of Ethiopia's State of Emergency declared on 9 October 2016, some quarters within and outside the country have been engaging in misinformation and disinformation about the very reasons and purposes of the declaration. Needless to say that the Government of Ethiopia introduced this temporary measure to deal with an alarming threat to the country's peace and stability as well as extensive damage on public and private properties by anti-peace elements in collaboration with militant and extremist groups residing overseas. The level of violence and destruction Ethiopia witnessed prior to the announcement of the State of Emergency were unprecedented and no one could imagine that the situation could be controlled without such timely and appropriate measure. more
USAID, Ethiopia keen to intensify cooperation (Oct 20, 2016)
Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Minister of Foreign Affairs and R. David Harden, Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA) of USAID met today (Oct. 20, 2016) wherein the two sides vowed to intensify the longstanding cooperation between Ethiopia and the USAID. The two sides have also discussed on some of the achievement of USAID in Ethiopia. more
US-based Honeywell to invest in Ethiopia (Oct 12, 2016)
Honeywell International Inc, American advanced-technology company, plans to invest in Ethiopia. With 50 billion US dollars annual sale, the company manufactures aerospace and automotive products; residential, commercial, and industrial control systems; specialty chemicals and plastics; and engineered materials. The company came to invest in Ethiopia after studying the favorable investment atmosphere of the country, said Fitsum Arega, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC). more
Ethiopia, Germany embrace a new chapter of bilateral cooperation (Oct 11, 2016)
German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, who is on an official visit to Addis Abeba met with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn this morning (October 10, 2016) at the National Palace. The two Heads of State discussed on a range of issues including; peace and security in the region; migration and refugees; natural resource conservation and development ; democracy and good governance and trade and investment as well as current situations in Ethiopia. more
Joint Parliamentary session opens way for new reforms (Oct 10, 2016)
President Dr. Mulatu Teshome who addressed a joint session of the two chambers of Parliament, the House of Peoples' Representative (HPR) and the House of Federation (HoF), extended his condolences over the loss of life and injuries occurred following violence in some parts of the country. The two chambers of Parliament also held a moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives and suffered injuries in a stampede caused by anti-peace elements during the annual celebration of Irechaa. more
Government declares state of emergency (Oct 10, 2016)
The Government of Ethiopia declared a six-month state of emergency, as of Saturday (October 8). Announcing the decision, Prime Minister Hailemariam said the decision to declare a state of emergency was taken to deal with threats to peace and security posed against the national life of the people of Ethiopia by anti-peace groups in close collaboration with foreign elements. The declaration came after an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers and deliberations on the recent loss of life, and damage to properties as well as overall current situation of the country. The Prime Minister emphasized that the Government of Ethiopia remained committed to ensure all fundamental human rights as stipulated in Ethiopia's constitution. more
Ethiopia inaugurates new rail line to Djibouti (Oct 05, 2016)
Ethiopia officially inaugurated today (October 5) a new railway line linking Addis Abeba with a major port in Djibouti. The new railway line between Ethiopia and Djibouti covering 752kms is one of the more than quite a few high-profile projects built at a cost of 3.4 billion US dollars. The inaugural ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia and President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti. Also attended were Chinese president's envoy, various high level government officials and the diplomatic community. more
Ethiopia rated a top performer by the 2016 Global Green Economy Index (Sept 28, 2016)
This year's Global Green Economy Index (GGEI 2016) ranks Ethiopia as one of the top 15 countries in overall climate change performance. The report says Ethiopia's performance results have shown a significant progress since 2014. It further points out that Ethiopia's performance is "a step up driven mostly by maintaining a top position on the Leadership and Climate Change dimension while simultaneously improving its result on the Environment dimension considerably." more
Peace Corps honored in Washington DC (Sept 23, 2016)
An event was organized to thank Peace Corps for the tremendous job that they have done in Ethiopia since 1962. The event that took place at the Ethiopian embassy in Washington on September 23/2016 brought more than a hundred Peace Corp volunteers together from across the US who have served in Ethiopia at different times including those who served fifty four years ago. more
Obama lauds Ethiopia's role in sheltering, supporting refugees (Sept 21, 2016)
US President Barack Obama has praised Ethiopia's role in hosting and supporting refugees as well as efforts to improve their condition. Speaking in a panel organized at the sidelines of the 71th UN General Assembly meeting being held in New York, President Obama said the role Ethiopia is playing in sheltering refugees and helping them access to humanitarian assistance is exemplary to others. Noting that Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Canada and Sweden have also playing important role, Obama urged other countries to share these practices so as to address challenges refugees have been facing. more
Dr. Tedros addresses the High-level Forum on "Every Women Every Child" (Sept 21, 2016)
Dr. Tedros addressed the High-level Forum on "Every Women Every Child" today (September 20) at the sidelines of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Every Woman Every Child is an unprecedented global movement that mobilizes and intensifies international and national action by governments, the UN, multilaterals, the private sector and civil society to address the major health challenges facing women, children and adolescents. The movement puts into action the Global Strategy for women's, Children's and adolescents' Health, which presents a roadmap on ending all preventable deaths of women, children and adolescents within a generation. more
Tripartite Committee on GERD Signs Agreement with Consulting Firm (Sept, 21, 2016)
Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have signed today an agreement with the French consulting firm BLR to carry out studies on the possible impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Water ministers of the three countries, alias National Tripartite Committee, signed the agreement with the main consulting firm BLR in Khartoum, Sudan. more
New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants adopted by all Member States at historic UN Summit (Sept 20, 2016)
World leaders at the 71 st Session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants which expresses the political will of world leaders to protect the rights of refugees and migrants, to save lives and share responsibility for large movements on a global scale. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon congratulated Member States saying: "Today's Summit represents a breakthrough in our collective efforts to address the challenges of human mobility." He said the adoption of the New York Declaration will mean that "more children can attend school; more workers can securely seek jobs abroad, instead of being at the mercy of criminal smugglers, and more people will have real choices about whether to move once we end conflict, sustain peace and increase opportunities at home." more
Ethiopia's tourism sector spreads its wings as more tour operators join the industry (Sept 14, 2016)
With the new national tourism brand: "Ethiopia: Land of Origins," and a sector marked with vast, and untapped potential, Ethiopia's tourism industry is set to experience a huge metamorphosis as it builds its infrastructure, brand, and product offer in the coming years through both public and private efforts. About 104 new tour operators have joined the country's tourism industry in the concluded Ethiopian fiscal year, which is hoped to be a significant value addition to the sector. During the same period, Ethiopia's tourism sector generated 3.4 billion US dollars. more
Ethiopian Muslims Celebrated Eid al Adha (Sept 12, 2016)
Ethiopian Muslims across the country are celebrating the 1,437 Eid al Adha, the holiest day in Islam. Muslims in Addis Ababa started their celebration of the days through prayers held at the city stadium early in the morning. Eid al-Adha is a festival observed to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to follow Allah's command to sacrifice his son Ishmael. Islamic scripture tells how Allah commanded Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as a test of his devotion. more
Ethiopians celebrate New Year (Sept 11, 2016)
Ethiopians across nation and overseas are celebrating the 2009 Ethiopian New Year, 'Enkutatash', with various festivities. As Ethiopia uses its own calendar, which derived from the Alexandrian or Coptic calendar, New Year falls on the 11th of September or on the 12th during a leap year. The Ethiopian calendar has twelve months of 30 days plus five or six epagomenal days, which comprise a thirteenth month. The sixth epagomenal day is added every four years. The Ethiopian New Year marks the end of the long rainy season and countryside turns into gold with daisies (adey abeba) covering the entire fields in rural areas in bloom at this time of the year. more
Religious leaders urge to uphold peace (Sept 10, 2016)
Religious leaders have urged the people to uphold peace by resolving disputes through dialogue in their New Year messages for 2009. In their message to their followers, the leaders said upholding peace and development endeavors in the upcoming new Ethiopian year should be the concern of all nationals. Leaders of the various Christian denominations and the Islamic faith have extended New Year wishes to the peoples of Ethiopia. more
Addis Ababa - Djibouti railway completes successful test run (Sept 07, 2016)
A train has made a test run along the Addis Ababa–Djibouti railway route, which will soon open to the public, according to the China Railway Group. During the successful test, the rail's power supply, signal and communication system each underwent thorough inspections. The train traveled a total distance of 220 kilometers, with its top speed reaching 95 kilometers per hour. more
Ethiopia eyes inscribing 14 heritages on UNESCO list by 2020 (Sept 07, 2016)
Ethiopia targets to have further 14 world heritages on UNESCO list during its second Growth and Transformation Plan GTP-2 period, disclosed the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Alongside the global recognition, the next five years plan aims at saving and transferring the nation’s ancient values and heritages to the coming generation. Ethiopian Timket (Epiphany), Shadey/Ashenda and the Oromo Geda system are mentioned among the proposed intangible heritages to be registered during the reported period. more
Premier calls for urgent international collaboration in South Sudan's peace process (Sept 06, 2016)
Ethiopia's Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Hailemariam Desalegn who received a delegation from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) here in Addis Ababa, on Monday (Sept 6, 2016) called for the collaboration of all stakeholders in South Sudan's peace process. more
Hailemariam discusses governance, principles with youth (Sept 01, 2016)
The youth needs to actively engage in the campaign to hold liable officials abusing power, said Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn. Discussing with over 3,000 youth representatives in Addis Ababa, the Prime Minister also advised the youth to pick legal ways of voicing concerns instead of opting for unconstitutional ways. "You can have your share of addressing malpractices by insisting on the popularity of good governance and holding liable leaders who fail to maintain that, and that is how a democratic system works" Hailemariam said referring to the youth representatives drawn from across the nation. more
Ethiopia's health extension program, a model for other countries: WHO (Aug 26, 2016)
Ethiopia's health extension program is said to be exemplary to other African countries. The remark was made by the World Health Organization Africa representative Dr. Matshidiso Moeti. The representative took high note on the experience other African countries need to emulate from Ethiopia. Ethiopian health minister Dr. Kesetebirhan Admassu noted that so far over 30 countries have adopted Ethiopia's best experience on health extension programs. more
Ambassadors from Europe and the Americas briefed on current Situation in Ethiopia (Aug 22, 2016)
State Minister Ambassador Taye Atske-selassie gave briefings to Ambassadors from Europe and the Americas on current situations in the country, particularly on the recent protests that occurred since mid-July in parts of Amhara and Oromiya Regional States at the Ministry hall on Tuesday (August 22, 2016). Ambassador Taye shared detailed accounts on the situation of recent incidents, the causes and the cautious efforts undertaken by the Government of Ethiopia to manage the situation. more
State Minister Regasa Kefale meets with delegates of Corporate Council on Africa (Aug 19, 2016)
State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Mr. Regasa Kefale, on Thursday (August 18, 2016) received delegates of Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) who are on a three day Trade mission to Ethiopia. Noting Ethiopia's non-oil fast growing economy and path of industrialization which he said was based on agriculture, State Minister Regasa Kefale expressed that Ethiopia attaches utmost priority to enhancing the flow of investment in agro-processing. Further noting the fact that the government is the sole investor in building large infrastructures including railways, Regasa said partners and investors who could fill specific gaps in regional electric connectivity and road are most welcomed. more
Ethiopia, US keen to foster multisector partnerships (Aug 15, 2016)
A workshop on enhancing the US-Ethiopia partnerships and particularly improving the agriculture sector, and thereby maximizing food security via higher education linkages commenced today (August 15, 2016) at Hilton Hotel, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, the U.S Embassy in Addis Ababa, and the Ministry of Education, the workshop was attended by State Minister of Agriculture and Natural resources of Ethiopia, Ato Wondirad Mandefro, U.S Ambassador to Ethiopia, Patricia M. Haslach, Honorary Consul General of Ethiopia in Texas, Ato Gezahegn Kebede and Former U.S Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Tibor Nagy, high-level government officials, diplomats as well as representatives of a number of higher learning institutions from both countries. more
Gada system to join UNESCO’s intangible heritage list (Aug 10, 2016)
The Gada system of Oromo will soon be inscribed in UNESCO's intangible heritage list, according to the Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau. Preparatory works have been finalized to secure inscription of the heritage the coming November. The Gada system is already in the list of UNESCO files being treated for the 2016 cycle. The list will be examined by UNESCO's Committee at its eleventh session in November/December 2016. more
Religious leaders urge all people to prioritize peace, join efforts for development (Aug 10, 2016)
Ethiopian religious leaders have urged all people to prioritize peace and team up efforts for the development and prosperity of the country. The brotherly love which guaranteed the sovereignty and unity of Ethiopia should be preserved, said leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC). Commenting on the recent violence occurred in some parts of Oromia and Amhara Regional States, the leaders said the people need to resolve their problems through dialogue by refraining from actions which destruct peace. more
Nation set to build over 4,000MW power dams in four years time (Aug 10, 2016)
The construction of six hydroelectric power dams, which could generate more than 4,000 MW, will be commenced within the coming four years, said the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP). The power projects are parts of the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II), Engineer Azeb Asnake, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EEP, told FBC today. With installed capacity of 254MW, the Genale dam will begin power generation at the end of 2009 EC. The 260 million US dollars dam has reached at more than 80 percent completion status, she said. more
Ethiopia to begin construction of four integrated agro industry parks (Aug 10, 2016)
The Ministry of Industry (MoI) said the construction of four integrated agro industry parks will be launched in Humera, Bure, Ziway (Batu) and Sidama zone as of next Ethiopia fiscal year. "We have completed a feasibility study and are identifying investors who will be engaged in the sector," Dr Mebrhatu Meles, State Minister of Industry told FBC. more
Premier inaugurates Hawassa Industrial Park (July 13, 2016)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn inaugurated today the eco-friendly Hawassa Industrial Park built with 250 million US dollars in Hawassa town, the capital of SNNP Regional State. The Hawassa Industrial Park will help bring economic transformation in the country by attracting quality foreign direct investments and shifting small-scale manufactures into a larger scale, the Premier said at the inaugural ceremony. Moreover, it allows to attain the target set in the industrial sector and to build the capacity and the competitiveness of local investors, the Premier added. more
Authority finalizes preparations to begin construction of 130 km Adama-Awash expressway (July 13, 2016)
The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) said it has finalized preparations to start the construction of 130 km Adama-Awash expressway. Araya Girmay, Director General of ERA, told FBC yesterday that his authority has issued international tender to recruit contractors for the expressway to be built with a financial support of Exim bank of China. more
Ethiopian wins SkyTrax World Airline Award (July 12, 2016)
Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing, most profitable and a technology pioneer African airline, said it has won SKYTRAX World Airline Award for Best Airline Staff in Africa, for the second time, on July 12, 2016 at Farnborough Airshow event held in Hampshire, England. more
President calls for expansion of economic cooperation between Ethiopia, Mexico (July 12, 2016)
President Mulatu Teshome said the economic relations between Ethiopia and Mexico needs to be consolidated. The president held talks on Tuesday with Ambassador Alfredo Miranda, Mexico's departing ambassador to Ethiopia. On the occasion, President Mulatu called on Mexican investors to come to Ethiopia and exploit the favorable trade and investment environment in the country. Praising Ambassador Miranda for the efforts he made in strengthening the relations between Ethiopia and Mexico, Mulatu urged the Ambassador to help attract more Mexican investors to come to Ethiopia. more
IGAD congratulates Ethiopia on its election as non-permanent member of UNSC (June 30, 2016)
The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) congratulated Ethiopia on its election as non-permanent member of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC). ''IGAD is proud to learn that Ethiopia, one of its Member States and a founding member of the United Nations has been elected to serve a non- permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council for the next five years with an overwhelming support from members of the UN General Assembly,'' Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Ambassador (Eng.) Mahboub Maalim said on behalf of IGAD. more
Ethiopia Secures its Third Term at the United Nations Security Council (June 29, 2016)
In one round of voting the United Nations General Assembly elected Ethiopia to serve as non-permanent members on the Security Council for two-year terms commencing on 1 January 2017. The election of five non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council was held today on 28 June 2016 during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The candidates from four different regions presented for the election were Ethiopia and Bolivia running on a clean slate basis from the African and the Latin America and Caribbean Groups respectively; Italy, Netherlands and Sweden, competing for two seats for Western Europe and others Group; and Kazakhstan and Thailand competing for a single seat for Asia and the Pacific Group. more
USA, Ethiopian governments advance efforts to end tuberculosis (June 27, 2016)
The U.S. Government, through the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with Ethiopia's Ministry of Health and implementing partners KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, Management Sciences for Health, and the World Health Organization will celebrate the transition from the HEAL TB activity to Challenge TB activity tomorrow here in Sheraton Hotel. more
Ethiopia has reached on the verge of achieving a record volume of annual export coffee, according to the Ministry of Trade (MoT). The country has exported over 174,000 tons of coffee during the past eleven months which was 96 percent of the targeted 180,000 tons. more
Ethiopia tops Africa, among world's top-10 refugee hosting nations (June 20, 2016)
The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has revealed that five African countries led by Ethiopia and Kenya are among the world’s top-10 refugee hosting nations. The UNHCR in a report released in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, also revealed that the total number of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in sub-Saharan Africa was 18.4 million in 2015. The report was released on Monday as the world marked the World Refugee Day. more
Ethiopia to celebrate second Diaspora Day (June 17, 2016)
Ethiopia is preparing to celebrate the second Diaspora day starting from August 1 in Bahirdar town. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a press briefing regarding the diaspora day. Foreign Affairs State Minister Regassa Kefale said over 3500 diasporas are registered to participate on the day. more
Ethiopia confident of attaining SDGs, says Hailemariam (June 16, 2016)
Backed by its consecutive double digit economic growth, Ethiopia is better placed to attain the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, said Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Speaking at the 10th edition of the European Development Days (EDD 2016) kicked of yesterday in Brussels, Belgium, Hailemariam said he is confident that Ethiopia will attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He said the goals are achievable as they are “on the same wavelength” of the country’s aspirations. more
Premier holds talks with EU, African leaders (June 15, 2016)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has held talks with Donald Tusk, President of European Council, and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya on the sidelines of the 10th edition of the European Development Days (EDD 2016) in Brussels, Belgium. During the sideline meeting, the Premier and Tusk discussed on strategic engagement, current situation in the Horn of Africa and cooperation on migration. more
Foreign Minister Dr Tedros Adhanom meets with Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness (June 14, 2016)
Dr Tedros Adhanom paid an official visit to Jamaica on 13th June 2016 and held meeting with the Prime Minister of Jamaica, H.E. Andrew Holness, at the Prime Minister's Office. This is the first time a high-level Ethiopian government official visited Jamaica in about 50 years after the historic visit of Emperor Haile Selassie to Jamaica. During the discussion, the two sides emphasized on the importance of nurturing the historic relations between Ethiopia and Jamaica, and agreed to work together on enhancing people to people relations as well as strengthening cooperation in the areas of tourism, investment, trade and sport. more
Ethiopia takes measure in response to Eritrea's attempted attack, says GCAO (June 13, 2016)
The Ethiopian defense forces have taken proportional measures against the Eritrean government in response to Asmara's attempted attack at Tsorena front yesterday, said Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO). The attack heavily weakened Eritrean military's attacking capacity, the office indicated. The report issued last week by the United Nations rights investigators accusing Eritrean leaders of crimes against humanity dragged the Eritrean regime into crisis, it noted. more
AMISOM commends Ethiopian troops for defeating Al-Shabaab (June 13, 2016)
In a statement issued on Saturday (June 10, 2016), AMISOM commended Ethiopian troops for defeating Al-Shabaab. According to the statement, AMISOM Acting Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Nakibus Lakara, commended Ethiopian troops for thwarting an Al-Shabaab attack and inflicting heavy casualties on the Al Qaeda-linked militants. Maj. Gen Lakara visited the Halgan Forward Operation Base, in Hiiraan region, a day after troops from the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF), serving under AMISOM, thwarted a dawn attack by Al Shabaab, killing more than 100 militants. Maj. Gen. Lakara was received at the base by the AMISOM sector four Deputy Commander, Col. Ayenom Mesfin, who briefed him on the operation and took him on a guided tour of the camp where a huge cache of arms seized from the attackers was displayed. The battlefield was still strewn with bodies of slain Al-Shabaab fighters. more
Number of Alshabaab militants killed rises to 248 (June 10, 2016)
The number of Alshabaab militants killed by Ethiopian and Somalian forces has increased to 248, according an updated news obtained from Ministry of National Defence. Ethiopian and Somalian forces have foiled planned Alshabab attack on Ethiopian forces yesterday morning in Hiran Zone of Somalia. Although Alshabab militants have planned the attack with car bombs in four directions, Ethiopian and Somalia forces jointly repulsed the attack and killed 248 Alshabab militants including 5 top commanders. The joint forces have also seized several military weapons.
UN Inquiry finds crime against humanity in Eritrea (June 09, 2016)
On statement to the media on Wednesday (June 8), Mr. Mike Smith, Chairman of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea disclosed that the Commission found a crimes against humanity. According to the Chairman, crimes of enslavement, imprisonment, enforced disappearance, torture, other inhumanities acts, persecutions, sexual and gender based violence, discrimination on the basis of religion and ethnicity and other crimes which were documented in the previous reports persist. The statement revealed that in the absence of a constitution, an independent judiciary or democratic institutions in Eritrea, the commission has found no improvement in the rule of law. more
Ethiopian Foreign Minister to visit Cuba (June 08, 2016)
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, will travel to Cuba tomorrow for an official visit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Caribbean country announced today. According to a note posted in the website of the entity, in addition to holding official talks with his peer, Bruno Rodriguez, Dr. Tedros will carry out other activities as part of his agenda there. The two countries reviewed in January the bilateral cooperation and confirmed their governments' willingness to move towards a qualitatively higher stage in the relations. more
The 25th anniversary of Ginbot 20 colourfully marked in Washington D.C. (June 06, 2016)
Diaspora Ethiopians residing in and around Washington D.C. Metro area celebrated the 25th anniversary of Ginbot 20, (May 28) which saw the height of the downfall of the Derg regime and the institutionalization of the Federal System under a new Constitution on Saturday June 04, 2016. Mr. Reta Alemu Nega, Deputy Chief of the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C., welcomed the Diaspora Ethiopians on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy and Ambassador Extra -Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the US, Mexico and Jamaica. more
H.E. Amb. Girma Birru visits HEART Trust / NTA (June 01, 2016)
His Excellency Girma Birru, Ethiopian Ambassador to Jamaica, paid a special visit to the HEART Trust/NTA's corporate offices at Oxford Road in Kingston on Tuesday (May 31, 2016). The Ambassador’s delegation was welcomed by Mr Kevin Mullings, Senior Director, HEART Trust Fund, representing Dr Wayne Wesley, Executive Director, who is traveling on government business. Also present at the courtesy call were, Mrs Yodit Hylton, Honorary Consul, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Mr Nihine Messret-Ademe, Consul at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, Mr Denworth Finnikin, Senior Director for Workforce Development and Employment and Mrs Nicole Manning, Senior Director, Corporate Planning and Strategic Development at the HEART Trust/ NTA. more
Jamaica & Ethiopia to strengthen sport and cultural bilateral cooperation (May 31, 2016)
Jamaica and Ethiopia have agreed to further strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the areas of sport and culture. The decision was made during a courtesy call, today, with Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange and Ambassador of Ethiopia to Jamaica, His Excellency Girma Birru. Minister Grange noted that the Ambassador’s visit to Jamaica was timely as it marks the 50thanniversary of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Ethiopia. This significant milestone, she said, will also be marked by formalizing a sport cooperation agreement between the two countries. more
Ambassador Girma Birru visits Jamaica to strengthen ties (May 31, 2016)
Ethiopian Ambassador to United States, Jamaica and Mexico, Girma Birru, is on the island to explore ways in which Ethiopia and Jamaica can further collaborate in the areas of tourism, education, culture, sports and air transport. While on the island, the ambassador is slated to meet with Babsy Grange, Minister of Gender, Culture, Entertainment and Sport; Senator Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information; Michael Henry, Minister of Transport and Mining as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade to discuss bilateral matters. He will also be touring the facilities of various private sector enterprises, including Red Stripe and Sutherland Global. more


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